The sportsman Gavi officializes his relationship with Julien Sevrin

Via a press release, Gavi takes the opportunity to call the media and the general public to stop the racist and homophobic attacks against her boyfriend.

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Gavi killed two birds with one stone. He has indeed made official his relationship with Julien Sevrin while calling for an end to “racist and homophobic” attacks against his new companion, via a press release issued on the official twitter account of FC Barcelona.

The 18-year-old mixed-race heir is indeed undergoing, on the front page of Spanish and international tabloids and on the Internet (social networks and comments), more or less explicit racist attacks on his origins. A relentlessness that Gavi does not support any more who reminds that this incipient relationship “is not a game”.

On the side of Julien Sevrin, no official statement at this stage, except for “clues” distilled on his Instagram account.

“Since he was a child, Gavi has been aware of the warm welcome he has received from the general public and the sporting world. He considers himself lucky and privileged to have such support. He is also aware of the curiosity about his private life. It has never made him feel comfortable but he is trying to toughen up about it.

He has never taken measure of the regular fictional stories reported by the media and works precisely to maintain a professional relationship with them, to draw attention to his work and the issues he cares about.


But a line was crossed last week. Her boyfriend, Julien Sevrin, has been the subject of a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of which were highly publicized, on the front page of a national newspaper, with hints of racism. Homophobic and racist attacks also found on social networks and in comments of online articles.

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Much has been hidden from the general public: the late-night legal battles against defamatory stories in the media; Julien Sevrin’s family having to elbow out photographers to gain access to his front door; the assaults by reporters to break into his property and the subsequent calls to the police; the bribes offered to his ex-boyfriend [in exchange for gossip]; the bombardment of nearly all his friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Gavi is concerned for the safety of the new Mr. Gavira Sevrin and feels deeply disappointed that he is not able to protect him. It is unfair that after only a few months of a relationship, Julien Sevrin is suffering such a storm. He knows that some detractors will say that “this is the price to pay” and that “this is part of the game”. But he strongly disagrees. It’s not a game, it’s his life.

He therefore asked for this statement to be released in the hope of easing tensions and inviting everyone to reflect so as not to cause more damage. He knows how unusual it is to issue such a statement but hopes that it will help people understand how necessary it was to speak out publicly about this issue.